Animal Applications

Conditioned Feed for Commercial & Performance Animals

Biohawk Australia has developed a technology to condition cereal and legume grains with its ginger so that the proline-rich proteins are fully digested and the feeds’ total nutrition is available for absorption before the feed moves to the large intestine. The animals, whether they are cattle, sheep, goats, poultry or horses have an innate ability to determine that this feed is preferable over alternatives such as rich pasture and especially unconditioned grains. They require much less feed to satisfy their daily feed requirements, they choose to drink less water, they are much less stressed, their large intestines are healthy with a pH above 6.2 and commercial animals have much higher daily average weight gain then on rich pasture or unconditioned grain and return a much higher net profit.

For large commercial animal producers whether on pasture or in a feedlot, the concept is to condition the grain of choice on site using Biohawk Australia ginger products.

For small-scale operations including stables, Biohawk Australia plans to establish a plant to produce bags of conditioned feed.

Biohawk Australia Ginger Products to add directly to water or feed

Biohawk Australia produces ginger products specifically for the large animal (horses, cattle, goats, sheep) and poultry industries to add to the water supply or to the feed to aid in the digestion of the feed. Many years of study have confirmed the multiple benefits of these products including much greater net profit.

Antibiotic-Free Animals

Biohawk Australia has introduced a program using its Pine Boost and Ginger Boost in the water supply to eliminate the need for antibiotics in the production of chickens and eggs. This would have application with other animals, such as pigs.

To discuss licensing the technology and the supply of the products or to login to our commercial products page, please complete our enquiry form and we will contact you within 7 working days.

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