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Can Biohawk Australia ginger products be taken with medications?

The Biohawk Australia products are natural foods with no known risk of an adverse side-effects and can be taken while on your standard recommended medication for the autoimmune condition. The Biohawk Australia products do not cause any allergy as their natural enzymes are at a high concentration and can digest any protein allergen. Biohawk Australia’s ginger does thin blood by reducing the immune protein levels and immune-complexes that are removed by macrophages that the ginger enzymes activate, impacting positively on many autoimmune conditions. The blood is thinner, but the International Normalised Ratio (INR) is changed by 0.2 or less, which is insignificant. Ensure your medical team continues to monitor your condition, adjusting their medication when necessary.

Are there any supplements that inhibit Biohawk Australia's food enzymes?

 Supplements that inhibit Biohawk Australia’s food enzymes

Specific metal supplements, vitamin supplements, and baby formulas that include metals such as zinc, iron, copper, manganese, cobalt, and chromium inhibit the ability of the enzymes to digest proteins because these metals bind to the enzymes’ active site.  Biohawk Australia’s 2-step plan releases all the nutrients in food including metals after the enzymes have digested the proline-rich proteins.  The need for metal supplements is reduced. Silver metal colloid drinks, and oxidising compounds also inhibit the enzymes. The oxidising compounds include chlorine added directly into the water supply especially in chicken sheds, and peroxide that some people consume because of its perceived health benefits, or because they unknowingly consume because peroxide levels are high in some honeys, vegetable oils, and especially in green smoothies made with high-powered blenders that break down cells.  Anion supplements where the anion is large, such as selenite, also block the enzymes.

Is it safe to take when I am pregnant?

Yes there is no danger and it is highly recommended to take while pregnant. Ginger is well documented for its treatment of morning sickness and nausea.

Is it safe for my baby to take it?

Babies can take the Biohawk Australia products from birth with a drop under their tongue before feeds. (See “Babies and Milk” Document)

Do I need to treat my food as well as take daily?

Yes, it is a 2 step plan and so to gain full benefits you will need to do both. Please refer to our 2 Step Plan for more details.

How much do I need to take?

This is dependant on your body weight, please see the label on the products for instructions or refer to our product description page. Some instances will require you to take at 3 times the daily amount, please see the link for the Biohawk Australia’s Protocol and Dosage Chart at the bottom of the Biohawk Australia’s 2-step plan page for more details.

Do I need to take both Relief and Digest Easy?

Digest Easy is a perfectly acceptable alternative to Relief possessing the same blend of gingers as Relief.

Can I mix with juice?

Yes but only the minimum necessary for taking the ginger (approximately 40ml) and do not mix it in Pineapple or Pawpaw juice or tropical juices that contain either of these two ingredients.

Can I just add into my breakfast shake as my daily dose?

No, the aim when taking the ginger with water or juice is to take it in a relatively concentrated form so it can digest the proline-rich proteins (PRPs) within you. When you treat your food with the ginger you are adding a small amount of the ginger to digest PRPs in the food.

Can I refreeze DigestEasy?

Yes, DigestEasy can be refrozen again and again.

Can I put DigestEasy into smaller containers?

Yes, please ensure that the container you put it into is sterile and then refreeze if necessary.

I have noticed that sometimes the colour, smell and even taste of the same kind of herb will vary when ordered at different times. Why?

Because our products are “just as nature intended” there may be some variations in the taste and colour of each batch for each product.

The taste will vary from batch to batch due to the seasonal time of harvest and the growing conditions of that particular harvest. The sun and the amount of water the plants receive are directly responsible for the ripeness of the plants. Just as with any vegetable, you will have a different look and taste depending upon the growing process.
As truly natural foods, Biohawk’s products are not standardised products and may vary in colour and taste. We therefore cannot guarantee that every bottle you buy from us will be the same as the last, but it will still be abundant in health promoting properties.

The natural oils present in our products differ from season to season and are also dependent on the individual farm. Our aim is to provide the same high-quality enzymes directly to you for improved health and nutrition.


The solution is to take any specific supplement prescribed for a clinical deficiency at a different time in the day from when you take the Biohawk products (separated by at least an hour), choose honeys and oils that are not rich in peroxide, and use a lower speed blender conditioning the greens with Biohawk’s ginger before blending.

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