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Are food intolerances and allergies disrupting your life? There is a solution! 

Do you suffer from Reflux? Bloating? Gas? Fuzzy head? General pain in your gut? Fat laid down on your thighs, bottom, breast or tummy? or any of the many auto-immune conditions associated with food intolerance?

You are one of a very high proportion of the world’s population who have the potential to suffer food intolerance or allergies when they eat gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and all other plant-based foods and drinks. People were not designed over evolutionary time to digest the proline-rich proteins that our current, common food plants use to protect the nutrients they require for reproduction and to tell potential predators not to eat them. Our ancient ancestors ate meat, fish, and limited plants they chose carefully to ensure they did not have an adverse health reaction from the food. They chose plant foods such as tubers that grew away from predators such as insects and other animals. Certain foods were fermented to make the food safe to eat. We cannot efficiently digest most of the foods we eat before they enter the large intestine, where bacteria ferment them causing the gut to become too acid for good bacteria to survive and the bad bacteria put toxins into our blood. People with the gene for food intolerance suffer greater health problems from the food we now commonly eat as their immune system is being hypersensitized by the food proteins causing a high flux of immune proteins that switch-on any autoimmune genes they have. Biohawk Australia has discovered how to selectively and efficiently digest the foods’ proline-rich proteins so the foods’ complete nutrition becomes available to be absorbed in the small intestine, and the immune system is able to return to normal with the autoimmune genes no longer activated. By following the Biohawk Australia 2 Step Plan, food becomes safe for all people. 

Step 1 – Treat your food

Use our Natural Digestion Aids daily and routinely in the preparation of your food:

  • to digest the proline-rich proteins so the immune system does not get hypersensitised and is made far less sensitive, 
  • to remove the symptoms of food intolerance and allergy and to turn off the genes for autoimmune diseases,
  • to ensure foods’ total nutrition is available for metabolism before the food exits the small intestine,
  • to ensure the pH of the large intestine remains above 6.2 so good bacteria can carry out their important role and bad bacteria are not cultured.

Step 2 – Treat yourself

Treat yourself by taking either Relief or DigestEasy solution after meals:

  • to ensure the foods’ proline-rich proteins have been totally digested and the immune system is calmed down so that it functions normally, ensuring the autoimmune disease genes are switched off,
  • to activate macrophages to assist in the body’s natural repair system,
  • to give a ‘haircut’ to proline-rich proteins on the membranes of viruses, bacteria and other dangerous cells.

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