Bakery Applications

Gluten Digested Wheat Flour

Taste no ginger, but taste and feel the difference of “gluten-digested” bakery products.

IMPORTANT: Bake Aid significantly improves the quality of bakery products, which should be sold for their improved qualities, with the “gluten-digested” property as a bonus. All people benefit from the gluten proteins being digested in their food as this releases all the grain’s nutrients and facilitates the uptake of all the nutrients before the food passes the small intestine. Food intolerant people have the major additional benefit that they can now eat bakery products made from wheat flour and do not have to go on a “gluten-free” diet.

Biohawk Australia has three products designed for the flour production industry and the bakery industries:

  • Bake Aid Powder Formula 4Kg
  • Bake Aid Liquid Formula 5L
  • Bake Aid Liquid Concentrate 5L

But for some commercial applications Biohawk Australia would supply in larger packs.

Biohawk Australia will negotiate a licence for flour millers to condition their wheat with Bake Aid to produce flour with “protein allergens digested”.

Commercial bakeries can register to buy the products on-line.

To discuss licensing the technology and the supply of the products or to login to our commercial products page, please complete our enquiry form and we will contact you within 7 working days.

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Your product continues to delight me. What a wonderful product you sell. People like me who cannot tolerate gluten are immensely grateful to people like you who make it possible to eat more “normally”, which removes a lot of stress from our lives. I cannot believe that I am eating a whole range of grains with absolutely no side effects. Also, Bake Aid allows me to use organic grains which I rarely find in gluten-free products.


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