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A very significant proportion of people suffer from intolerance to milk who are not “lactose intolerant”. Indeed many of the people “diagnosed” to be “lactose intolerant” are not affected by lactose but are affected by the proline-rich proteins in milk. Milk intolerance is also not well recognised. People will say, “I do not like milk!” or “I stopped drinking milk when I was young!” or “after I had a particular illness, I could not stand milk!” They are missing out on an extremely important food.

Foods that cause food intolerance and allergy have proline-rich proteins that are rich in peptides that make it very difficult for our digestive systems to break down these proteins, and these peptides contain amino acids that are able to stimulate the immune system if you have the gene for food intolerance. Casein proteins and beta-lactoglobulin are rich in such peptides (Refer to our Milk Made More Nutritious document).

Pasteurisation of milk, depending on the temperature profile, can partially break down the casein proteins to produce segments of the proteins that are bitter. These bitter components will contain the peptide groups that cause the casein intolerance. Bacterial contamination of the milk prior to pasteurization can also lead to cleavage of the casein proteins and the formation of bitter segments.

These problems of milk can be removed by treatment of the milk with Biohawk Australia’s ginger, CaseoGo. It is designed to target and cleave specifically the peptide groups that cause the problems. This improved digestibility of the milk proteins also makes milk more nutritious for all people. The same applies to baby formulas based on milk (and soy).

The casomorphin problem for milk is also removed as the beta-casein peptide is broken down for both a1 and a2 milk: the terms are no longer relevant.

Manufactured Dairy Products: safe for all and very palatable

Ice cream made commercially with the milk and cream pre-treated, as well as with other ingredients such as egg yolk, berries and fruits that contain proline-rich proteins pre-treated yields up to 16% more volume for the same weight of ingredients. The processes for making other dairy products have also been studied successfully by Biohawk Australia.

Biohawk Australia will licence producers of fresh milk, powdered milk, and other dairy products to use its CaseoGo technology to make dairy safe for all.

To discuss licensing the technology and the supply of the products or to login to our commercial products page, please complete our enquiry form and we will contact you within 7 working days.

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