It’s ok to take a little time out of your busy life to just focus on you – Collin Baptiste

 The practice of soaking feet in a foot bath has been an integral part of Chinese medicine for centuries. The importance was written in the “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon” over 2000 years ago. It may seem like a treat to give your feet a well-earned soak but there are plenty of benefits other than washing away the days fatigue.  

The benefits of soaking your feet in warm water for 20 minutes everyday or at least twice a week are numerous but with the addition of Biohawk Australia’s Spicy Goat Foot Soak they receive extra benefits. 

Cleanse and Soften

Using warm water allows the skins pores to open allowing trapped dirt to wash away. The warm temperature activates the enzymes in Spicy Goat Foot Soak to keep in check any bacteria under toenails or in cracks, cuts or blisters. Soaking your feet also softens the skin making it easier to exfoliate to remove any hard or dead skin. 


Using a foot soak creates the perfect opportunity for “me” time. Using warm water relaxes you from your feet up. Once relaxed and the tension in your feet has been relieved your body and mind will feel calm and soothed.

Improved Blood circulation

Using warm water for your foot soak can help to improve blood circulation. This is very helpful to those who may suffer from circulation problems, but it can benefit anyone as it allows your body to supply your organs with the oxygen and nutrients required to operate at its best. 

Pain Relief

Being on your feet all day as well as some health conditions means you can suffer from feet pain. Submerging your feet in warm water along with the benefits of the enzymes and essential oils in Spicy Goat Foot Soak can help to alleviate stress, aches and pains from your feet. 

Promotes Sleep

As you become relaxed both in body and mind you will find that you will sleep much better. 

So, for an easy way to take a little time out for you, grab a container large enough to fit both feet with enough room to add the water to cover the ankles or you can use a commercial “Foot Bath”, grab some Biohawk Australia Spicy Goat Foot Soak and a towel. Take off your shoes and put your feet into a nice warm soak for 20 minutes. 

If you do not have time to just relax you can even soak your feet while:

  • watching TV
  • doing homework
  • listening to a podcast
  • while on a Zoom Meeting
  • while reading a good book

Before you have finished soaking your feet remember to exfoliate with a pumistone or foot brush to remove any hard or dead skin. Once finished dry your feet and apply your favourite moisturiser, like Biohawk Australia’s Essential Balm or Skin Rejuvenator.