So the saying goes: “there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow” and this could not be more true if you wish to gain the benefits of ‘eating the rainbow’.

Governments and health bodies have been promoting the benefits of ‘eating the rainbow’ to remind you that you require a variety of fruit and vegetables in your diet to get all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs daily to maintain good health. On face value this is a good suggestion, but it hides the science behind why there are these colours in the first place.

It is true that the colours let us know what valuable antioxidants are in the fruit and vegetables, but it also lets us know what other chemical properties they contain, and therefore perhaps we should see them as ‘traffic lights’. Green –ATTENTION, Amber – TAKE PRECAUTION and red – STOP. This is not to say they are not healthy or we do not need to eat them for our daily nutritional intake, but we need to understand that plants are letting us know by their colours that they do not want us to eat them. Remember the plants are not here on earth to be consumed, but to grow and reproduce. The darker the colour the greater the antioxidants, but also the greater the amounts of proline-rich proteins because the large polyphenolic antioxidants need to be stabilized by binding to the proline amino acids.

Biohawk Australia’s ginger products are rich in enzymes that are designed by nature to specifically cut these normally non-digestible proteins adjacent to particular prolines releasing all the plants nutrients that had been encapsulated by these proteins, allowing you to cut back on the food you need to eat to gain the essential nutrients. An important bonus is that this also removes the cause of food intolerance, making the vegetables and fruit safer for all.

And this is where we find the pot of gold. Biohawk Australia has developed its range of products (gold in colour) to treat the foods before you eat them so that all the nutrition is released, your daily food requirement is decreased, and your immune system will not be challenged.


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